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It takes a                                                    somewhere in the bustling
                                                                                On a busy street

                                                                                city that is Lakewood,
                  village to                                                    a city unto itself.
                                                                                there’s a busy offi   ce that’s

                  raise a child.                                               hospital food pantry was a lifesaver
                                                                                What everyone knows: “Bikur Cholim’s

                                                                               when we went into the hospital on

                                                                               What our extensive network of
                  It takes a                                                   be an expert in my specialized fi  eld, but
                                                                               doctors and specialists know: “I might

                                                                               the medical advocacy and referral staff
                  city for one                                                 at Bikur Cholim are specialists in every
                                                                               single fi  eld of medicine.”
                  in crisis.                                                  What our clients know: “All I did was

                                                                              call and ask for a ride to the hospital.
                                                                              That was all Bikur Cholim needed to
                                                                              hear. In the short time between my
                                                                              husband’s diagnosis and petirah,
                                                                              they just took over. I will never know
                                                                              everything that Bikur Cholim did.”

                                                                              And that’s because Bikur Cholim of
                           Letter from the Mayor,                             Lakewood is as multifaceted as the city
                           Rabbi Kaszirer                                    we proudly serve.

                                                                             There’s no catchy mission statement
                                                                             that easily says what Lev Rochel Bikur
                                                                             Cholim is or does.

            4  Discover the Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim City

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