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P H $10,000.00
Y S $10,000.00
Shlomo Rudnicki $1,509.00
Miss Lederer- Mazal tov on your engagement! thank you for always being there for the klal! The Nicki Family
Chanie Tress $1,028.00
Shia Prager $1,000.00
Chaim Dov Sorotzkin $363.60
Leeba thanks for everything and tx to the whole BC staff and volunteers
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
From a not so secret admirer
Family Gonter $250.00
Shira Tillim $200.00
Yitzy And Rochel Tesser $130.00
thank you for all that you did for our Mother AH
Freida Kaufman $112.00
Tzini Rosenarten $107.40
Chaim Serebrowski $105.40
NEchama KAnarek $103.00
Faigy Wettenstein $102.00
Leah Storch $102.60
Go Leeba!
Pinchus Nachumaon $102.00
Chaim Sender $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Faygie Putetz $100.00
Esty Basch $100.00
Penina Gelbwachs $100.00
Esther Fried $94.00
Esti Vann $85.00
Thank you Leeba!
Aliza $72.00
Sori Noble $72.00
Leeba, May Hashem shower you and your Chosson (!) with lots of Bracha and only good Mazel, For all you do for the Klal! So proud to be your friend!
Chaya Spiegel $60.00
Mordy & Avigail Revach $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $48.60
Yisbracha Morganstern $36.00
Chanie Jacobowitz $36.00
With profound appreciation for your help and guidance. We're awestruck by your incredible efforts for the klal, 24/7!
Deena Stein $18.00
Menachem B. Friedman $12.00
Devora Kasz $12.00
C Kraut $10.80